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Are you looking to bolt-on 50% more power to your vehicle and keep factory stock reliability?

Do you want high performance and smooth power delivery for every day use?

Are you looking for serious performance that pushes you back in the seat?

With ProCharger supercharger systems you can have it all. Serious performance, smooth power delivery and stock reliability for every day use or track winning performance all with ProCharger Supercharger systems.

Whether you are the DIY type or want somebody to help realise the dream of owning a serious supercar we can help. You can choose from complete bolt-on ProCharger systems or individual components or kits that make up the system of your choice.

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Crank Supports for Holden 5.0 Litre V8  
Ford Cleveland ProCharger Brackets Ford Windsor ProCharger Brackets

Here we have a 1000+ horse power custom engineered ProCharger F-2 system for Holden 5.0 Litre V8 motor in a VK Holden Commodore Chassis
















Our very own ProCharged HSV GTS won the "LS1/LS2 Championship Supercharged" award at the Sydney leg of the AME show (formerly Holden and Ford show).

ProCharger: Extreme performance with stock levels of reliability you can rely on.

50% more bolt on power. That is the guarantee of DNA Motorsport ProCharger Systems. All ProCharged Systems are intercooled to guarantee safe, daily drive-able performance without compromising reliability.

Bolt-on ProCharger System for LS1


After the development and a long testing period we are happy to release the long awaited power-up kit for the Mazda RX-8. ProCharger enhances the RX-8 to levels of performance the car ought to have come with from the factory. One of the final stages of testing took place at the 2005 RX-8 Nationals held at Wakefield Park Raceway. All the bugs now eliminated, ProCharger is now ready to take the Renesis rotary to a whole new level of performance.

Bolt-on ProCharger System for Mazda RX-8 Renesis


The BA series has brought Ford back into performance level playing field with Holden in Australia. While the XR6 Turbo has grabbed the headlines, the XR8 and the GT series with the 5.4L Boss V8 has brought back the Ford lovers of old. Not to mention all those looking for a high-tech V8 in a locally built car. For those wishing to up the already high levels of performance of the high-tech motor, we have good news. Only ProCharger will bring you a daily drive-able, and reliable levels of bolt-on high performance for your Ford. The complete bolt-on kit is now ready, and guarantees to bring you 60% more bolt-on power.

Bolt-on ProCharger System for Ford BA XR8 & GT Series


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