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PowerMod Engine Management Systems




PowerMod - Pro Sequential Engine Management System is one of the most advanced engine management systems available today. With built-in injector drivers, it is possible to tune your car with larger injectors (high or low impedance), without affecting factory features such as closed-loop cruise control, idle or part throttle response, traction control, just to name a few. PowerMod takes full control of ignition timing and fuel injection, to get 'the perfect tune'. Every professional tuner knows the only way to tune properly is by tuning in real-time, on a rolling chassis dyno. PowerMod's front end software, with it's easy to use, intuitive programming interface, makes tuning in real-time a breeze. PowerMod makes the tuner's job even easier, by reducing tuning time to a fraction to attain that 'perfect tune' every time.


The unit is easily wired into your car’s original wiring loom and intercepts fuel injector and crank/cam angle signals from your stock ECU. This allows the tuner to change fuel and ignition timing independently of each other, which most other management systems cannot do. For supercharged/turbo applications it has an in-built fuel cut eliminator for voltage based airflow/MAP sensor engines. It is also a far more versatile system than a simple chip change due to the real-time programming capability, which is critical since even small variations in environmental conditions can affect the tune of your car.




  • All existing features of the car will be retained
  • Does NOT affect standard knock sensing, closed-loop fuel control or idle speed control
  • Does NOT affect or alter the standard factory EFI system. PowerMod unit can be easily removed in minutes, if required.
  • Can control larger capacity HIGH or LOW resistance injectors (with low resistance injector driver option)
  • Built in turbo OVER BOOST fuel-cut eliminator
  • Ideal for applications such as supercharging, turbo charging and modifying naturally aspirated engines
  • Real-timing tuning. No uploading of entire tunes and waiting for programming.
  • Custom tune your engine - why be limited to a choice of pre-programmed tunes?
  • Does not lose tune if the stock ECU gets re-flashed during servicing
  • Factory service diagnostics are not affected
  • Easy and fast tuning - less dyno time needed


  • Ignition timing and fuel mixture changes are totally independent, unlike some other management systems
  • Tune Fuel Mapping to any required air/fuel ratio. Adjust fuel flow by –99% to +100%.
  • Alter Ignition Timing to any required value by advancing or retarding up to 50 degrees
  • Tune using Manifold Pressure (inbuilt +22PSI MAP or external GM 3 Bar) or Throttle Position
  • Powerful Engine DATALOGGER is a standard feature
  • EASY to use PC software allows all settings to be programmed in 'real-time' and stored permanently
  • Each Fuel, Ignition and Stand-alone Map is constructed of 17 load points, every 500rpm, up to 10,000 rpm. This allows for very fine tuning resolution, unmatched by most other management systems.
  • Helpful software tuning tools include:
    • Engine load and rpm history indicator
    • Quick key to jump to current engine load
    • Separate Fuel and Ignition trim
    • Warning indicator when fuel injector duty cycle is nearing 100%
    • Quick copy of load points to entire column or row


Comprehensive display of real time and logged engine data parameters allowing analysis of:
  • Air/Fuel ratio
  • Fuel injector duty cycle and opening duration
  • Mass Airflow Meter and Manifold Absolute Pressure voltages
  • Engine tachometer
  • Throttle Position Sensor
  • Manifold pressure


Supplementary Fueller:

Can be used instead as a powerfully featured supplementary injector controller for up to 8 low impedance injectors AND still control ignition timing, boost and three auxiliary outputs.

Standard Options:

  • Built in electronic Boost  Controller (solenoid required - factory solenoid can be used if equipped)
  • Internal +22 PSI MAP Sensor
  • External 3 Bar GM MAP Sensor
  • Launch Control
  • 3 auxiliary function outputs can be used for:
    • Nitrous (wet system) control
    • Nitrous (dry system) control with additional fuel mapping
    • RPM activated solenoid control
    • Gear change shift light
    • Intercooler spray
    • Extra fuel pump enable
    • Generic output if the above is not suitable



Extra Options:

  • Low resistance fuel injector drivers


Porsche 911 GT3 RS-R race winning car runs PowerMod Engine Management System

Current Vehicle Application List (Fuel and Ignition Control)

New models constantly tested and added. Contact us with your specific model requirements

Chrysler PT Cruiser

European Models Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Peugeot, Porsche, Volkswagen

Ford Falcon BF, BA, AU, XH, EL, EF, ED, EB, EA
  Escape ZB, ZA, BA
  Explorer UZ, UX, UT, UN

Holden Commodore VZ, VY, VX, VT, VS, VR, VN
  Adventra, All HSVs, etc

Mazda RX-8

Subaru Impreza WRX

Toyota Supra JZA80
  Soarer JZZ30/31, UZZ30/31/32

Motorcycles Harley Davidson, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha


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