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DNA Motorsport is the Technology Partner to modern automotive performance workshops. We specialise in designing products and solutions to provide ultimate performance at great value to assist performance workshops and their customers. We provide innovative solutions to reduce typical installations to a fraction of the time, while providing higher quality fit and finish than mass manufacturers. All our products are thoroughly tested by ourselves and our partners in competition racing to guarantee the best performance and quality.

We have the experience, know how and equipped with the latest in technology such as CMM, CAD & 3D modelling and CNC capabilities. We can measure an engine bay to .001" accuracy, then design and simulate parts using computers in full 3D, and manufacture the parts in-house to highest of tolerances, with the greatest of control. All products are made using the latest manufacturing techniques, with only the best quality materials. The precision and quality of our products mean you have the peace of mind that they work first time, every time, without hassle.


We can measure an engine bay
to .001" accuracy with our CMM


Our packaged kits are complete, and come with detailed easy to follow instructions, for the easiest and quickest installation possible. For a performance workshop, this means you will complete more jobs in less time. How many times have you bought a “complete kit”, only to find missing components or having to modify components, wasting your valuable time? Do they come with all the necessary documentation and instructions? At DNA Motorsport, we have put careful thought into making the best fitting, easy to install kits. We have done the hard work, so you can do what you do best; build high performance vehicles for your customers. The customers also benefits with visible improvements to quality, fit and finish, as well as increased reliability and durability.
Designed to high precision and quality, for perfect fit, using 3D modelling technologies  


DNA Motorsport and PowerMod Engine Management systems work together, to provide our partners with complete engineering and electronics solutions. PowerMod with it's advanced engine management and real-time tuning capabilities has been the first choice among many performance workshops. PowerMod is currently one of the best 'interceptor' type management system in the world. Already the PowerMod has the majority of makes and models covered, and more being added every day. While our competitors rely on others' products for Engine Management and electronics solutions, we have the necessary technology and expertise to develop, produce and customise the 'perfect' tuning solution for all your performance needs.    
Our in-house CNC manufacturing capabilities give us total control over precision and quality

Using our engineering, manufacturing, and electronics capabilities, as well as our racing experience, we push the limit further. We bring cutting edge technologies closer to you, so your next project is a sucessful project. You as a customer are hereby invited to join us, to guarantee your next project a winning project.


The limit is there to be pushed


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