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DNA Motorsport Boost Controller

DNA Motorsport Mechanical Boost Controller - The most economical way to increase the power of your turbo-charged performance vehicle.

DNA Motorsport Boost Controller is easy to install and the benefits can be seen in a matter of minutes. Whether your car is factory standard or modified, the DNA Motorsport Boost Controller is guaranteed to increase the power output of your engine, and hold maximum boost throughout the rev range. Once fitted and tuned to the the best boost level, you can forget about it. It just works. The positive locking system incorporated in the DNA Motorsport Boost Controller means it will stay at the set boost level regardless of any vibration. For best results we recommend you have the DNA Motorsport Boost Controller fitted and tuned on a Chassis Dyno to guarantee safe and reliable operation whilst maximising the power output of your engine. It comes in 4 great colours, so you can 'colour co-ordinate' your engine bay to your heart's content.

If you are thinking of buying other types of boost controllers, to adjust them on the fly, or because you want to see lots of fancy options and displays, think again. If you set the boost level incorrectly (accidentally or otherwise) you could potentially damage, or worse still completely 'blow up' your engine. Once the boost controller is set at the correct boost level there is no need to change it again. Think about it, if you have already set the 'best boost level', why would you ever want to change it? Our experience and feedback from customers show that over 90% of people who buy a boost controller (including Electronic Boost Controllers), stop adjusting the boost level after the first week. Why then would you want to waste your money on a device because of fancy options or displays, when all you want is the best performance and reliability of your high performance machine.

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DNA Motorsport Boost Controller is designed with the 'over boost' function. We have accommodated for high horsepower output engines, where large turbo-charger units are used with massive airflow capacity. A high flow bleed valve is utilised with low restriction to achieve, as best as possible, precise and uniform control throughout the air flow range.

An inherent characteristic of mechanical boost control systems is that under full load, the boost drops a few psi under maximum boost, referred to as 'boost drop-off' or 'boost fall-off'. This occurs due to the turbocharger compressor efficiency reached at peak torque, rather than at peak RPM of the engine. After peak torque is reached, the RPM of the compressor is increasing and the efficiency is dropping off, or there is a pressure build up in the waste gate due to restriction in the control system. DNA Motorsport Boost Controller is designed to minimise the effect of boost drop-off, to allow the turbo to hold maximum boost and to give you precise control over adjustment. Precision controls of boost level means quicker turbo spool up and maximum boost pressure throughout the rev range.

  • Designed around a high flow bleed valve essential for reduction of boost drop-off
  • No Teflon seal locks that are prone to failure due to heat and vibration, giving you great reliability and durability
  • Includes a positive locking system guaranteed to stay locked regardless of vibration
  • Longer hose barbs to secure wastegate signal hose
  • Precise control to achieve maximum boost levels
  • Quicker turbo spool up
  • DNA Motorsport boost controller is a versatile, compact, easy to install unit
  • High performance, Great value
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