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DNA Motorsport Boost Controller

DNA Motorsport Boost Controller

Congratulations on your purchase of the DNA Motorsport turbo boost controller. This mechanical boost controller is one of the most versatile and economical methods of boost control for turbocharged vehicles, both petrol and diesel. A simple device to install and adjust, this unit gives you control over boost pressure with other benefits. Just installing this unit will increase the rate of spool up of your turbocharger, that is your turbo will reach maximum boost level at lower engine RPM. Also there is the overboost function, where the maximum boost at half throttle is a few psi below that of full throttle boost limit. This is very handy for drivability, especially in the wet.

Fitting Instructions:

1. Locate the wastegate actuator boost pressure signal hose. (Hose between turbo compressor housing and wastegate actuator)

2. Cut the wastegate signal hose at a point where it will give you best access to the boost controller.

3. Fit the boost controller to both ends of the cut boost signal hose. Make sure the silver hose barb is facing the wastegate actuator and that the coloured barb is facing the turbo compressor housing. Warning: Fitting the boost controller incorrectly will cause serious overboost and possible damage to your engine.

4. Fit secure hose clamps on all hose sections to avoid the hose blowing off. This will cause uncontrolled boost levels that will damage your engine.


Boost adjustment:

1. Loosen the lock nut
2. Turn adjusting screw ¼ of a turn anti-clockwise to begin with
3. Tighten lock nut
4. Check boost level
5. If you wish to increase boost more, with the lock nut tight use small screwdriver to open valve more while holding lock nut
6. Once you reach desired boost level tighten lock nut, you may use a thread locking liquid for added security


***Make sure you know your vehicle and its limits before attempting any such modifications***

  • The DNA Motorsport boost controller reduces wastegate creep, hence the turbo spools up faster. Reaching maximum boost quicker alone improves the performance of a turbocharged vehicle.
  • The DNA Motorsport boost controller mimics electronic boost controllers, a function called 'overboost'. At half throttle the boost level is a few psi lower than at full throttle boost limit. This helps in the drivability of the car, especially in the wet.
  • Boost drop-off is common to all mechanical boost control systems, due to the lack of a feed back loop, or a control loop.

Caution: The DNA Motorsport boost controller is for 'race use' and 'off-road' use only and should be fitted by a qualified person. DNA Motorsport Pty Limited and their respective dealers will not accept any responsibility for incorrect use and/or any damage caused to property or persons by the use of this product.

Warranty: There is a 12 month warranty on the DNA Motorsport boost controller. The damage caused by the mis-use of this product or incorrect installation is not covered under any circumstance.

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