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DNA Motorsport ProCharger System for LS1

ProCharger System for all LS1 powered Holdens and HSVs

**bolt-on power for your LS1**


Updated: Dyno Charts from real ProCharged customer cars. Scroll down to see them on the left. Click on the dyno charts for larger pictures.


How many other bolt-on supercharger systems guarantee 50% more power? Whether you are looking for more performance at the race track, street or simply more torque for towing your boat, ProCharger is the best and most reliable power upgrade your LS1 can get. As the most technically advanced supercharger available, ProCharger is the only choice for your performance machine.

The basic kit starts at 5psi, and is capable of making 50% more power. Over 85% more power is achievable with engine mods. High performance without losing any of the drive-ability or the throttle response you are used to. That is the guarantee of the Intercooled ProCharger systems.

All our ProChargers are driven directly by the Engine's Crankshaft. This is the best and the most reliable way to drive a supercharger. There are other cheaper supercharger systems available which are driven by the vehicle's Power Steering pump. This reduces costs greatly on engineering and manufacturing but creates extra stress on the Power Steering Pump causing increased wear and tear and reducing the vehicles reliability. The factory steering pumps are designed ONLY to assist in vehicle's steering. So before you decide on a supercharger system, ensure you are getting the best possible system for your vehicle.


Not all supercharger systems are engineered or created equally !

When you are comparing supercharger systems, ensure you are comparing our ProCharger systems with other Engine Crank driven supercharger systems. Cheaper Power Steering Pump driven supercharger systems may appear 'cheaper', but they will deliver a smaller increase in power, reduce reliability of your vehicle and potentially make the vehicle unsafe if power steering failure occurs costing you much more money, time and hassle.


How does the ProCharger system compare with what appears to be a similar Engine Crank driven supercharger system available in Australia?

7psi supercharger system ProCharger System Competitor's System
Supercharger ProCharger P-1SC-1 Vortech V-2 SQ
Retail price for 7psi kit $10,700 $10,795
Automatic Tensioner Included $495
Self contained lubrication Included $1072
Supercharger oil cooler kit Not Needed $395
Cost Comparison




How does the ProCharger P-1SC-1 supercharger compare with the Vortech V-2 SQ?

  ProCharger P-1SC-1 Vortech V-2 SQ
Maximum Air Flow 1200CFM 1000CFM
Maximum Boost Pressure 32psi 20psi
Maximum Impeller Speed 65,000RPM 50,000RPM
Maximum Supercharged HP 825HP 680HP
Self contained lubrication Standard Optional
Specially formulated hi-tech oil Yes No
Billet machined Aerospace quality 7075-T Alloy Impeller Yes No

You can clearly see why the ProCharger system is the right choice for your LS1. Specially designed for automotive applications, the ProCharger is simply the best supercharger available for any vehicle today.

ProCharger is highly regarded for their high performance, reliability and durability in the racing scene, and the obvious first choice among superchargers today. Self-contained design also makes them the best choice for street applications. A hole in the oil pan will make our competitors' superchargers self-destruct. The ProCharger keeps working with its specially formulated advanced oil system giving you peace of mind whatever the conditions. Race track performance combined with ultimate reliability makes ProCharger supercharger systems the only choice for your LS1.

Tuner Kit Contents: (Full ProCharger kit without Engine Management System)

  • ProCharger P1-SC-1
  • All necessary brackets and bolts
  • All necessary hoses and pipes
  • 8-rib belt with automatic tensioner
  • DNA Motorsport front mount intercooler system
  • Detailed installation instructions
  • 12 months warranty
  • Price: $10,700

You will need to upgrade the stock fuel system even for the most basic kit. The tuner can decide to use any fuel system upgrade and engine management system they prefer. We can also provide you with a complete package if desired.

We highly recommend the PowerMod Engine Management System, as it will tune each car to perfection in 'Real Time'. Other 'edit' type tunes can also be used, but be aware that no 'flash' or 'chip' type tune will ever match a proper tune done in real time on a chassis dyno. With the PowerMod you have nothing to worry about even if Holden re-flashes your factory ECU during servicing. If you have an 'edit' done, you will need to get the car re-flashed and re-tuned, costing you time, money and un-necessary hassle.

Complete Kit Contents
(Everything you need for a full install)

  • Tuner Kit as described above
  • PowerMod Engine Management System
  • Fuel system upgrade
    • High flow injectors
    • High flow fuel pump
  • Price: $12,995


** Special Price **
Complete kit supplied, fitted and tuned for only $12,499


Our very own ProCharged HSV GTS won the "LS1/LS2 Championship Supercharged" award at the Sydney leg of the AME show. This was a huge win in the face of tough competition from all the major suppliers and manufacturers in the Australian performance scene. What makes it even more impressive is the fact that this car is a daily driven car running street tune. ProCharger, extreme performance and stock levels of reliability you can rely on


Dyno Charts



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