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DNA Motorsport ProCharger System for Mazda RX-8

ProCharger System for Mazda RX-8

ProCharger power for the Renesis Rotary

DNA Motorsport is proud to bring you a bolt on ProCharger system for the Mazda RX-8. A complete bolt-on kit that will add at least 60% more power to your stock standard car. Over 90% more power is possible for racing use.

With DNA Motorsport's expertise in designing ProCharger systems, success was achieved in a relatively short period of time. Since then extensive testing has been done to transform the RX-8 into a real performance machine while retaining factory smooth drive-ability and reliability. We have now completed over 100,000km in all climates and conditions. Race track testing in Australia, cold climate testing in Europe (thanks to Lennart and Rolf) and high speed testing in the Middle East (thanks to Jeffrey).

The power delivery of the ProCharger D-1SC is smooth and progressive. The ProCharger gives you a 'more powerful naturally aspirated' feel which assures the driver with confidence. Of course the power is right there with a blip of the throttle all the way to the 9000RPM redline. Our ultimate aim was to extract power without losing any of the high revving character of the Renesis rotary. After all that is the reason you love rotary power, right?


ProCharger Specifications* ProCharger D-1SC
Maximum Supercharged HP 925HP
Maximum Air Flow 1400CFM
Maximum Boost Pressure 32psi
Maximum Impeller Speed 62,000RPM
Internal Step-Up 4:44 : 1
Self contained lubrication Yes
Specially formulated hi-tech oil Yes
Billet machined Aerospace quality 7075-T Alloy Impeller Yes

* ProCharger Product specifications are as per ProCharger website.

High revving ProCharger D-1SC is the perfect match for the high revving Renesis motor. D-1SC can spin at an amazing 62,000RPM, pushing 1400CFM of air into the motor, greater than a T-4 size turbo. Unlike the turbo, D-1SC does it easily with only a fraction of the boost. The Renesis motor in the RX-8 runs a high 10:1 static compression, therefore, keeping boost low was one of our primary objectives for a reliable daily driven RX-8.

ProCharger D-1SC is self-contained. Meaning, the oil needed to lubricate the gears is self-contained within the ProCharger unit itself. Other supercharger systems require punching a hole in the oil pan and running oil lines into the supercharger unit. So, if you happen to damage the oil pan, the supercharger will self-destruct. A specially formulated high-tech oil keeps the ProCharger cool and exceptionally reliable for everyday use. There is simply no better way to power-up a daily driven street RX-8. Take a ProCharged RX-8 for a test drive and you will agree there is no better way to power-up your RX-8.

PowerMod Engine Management system is the brain of the whole system. PowerMod takes aftermarket engine management to a whole new level. It's not a 'chip'. It's not a 'flash' or any other kind of 'sensor bending' trickery. It is simply the best hybrid ECU in the world. PowerMod takes full control of running the engine (ignition timing and fuel delivery) while leaving the factory ECU to handle everything else. Achieving levels of performance closer to Motec and Autronic for an 'interceptor' style ECU is unprecedented. With the RX-8's highly advanced engine management system, PowerMod is the only choice for safety and reliability in an everyday use RX-8.

PowerMod tuning is done in Real Time, on a chassis dyno. With full control over ignition and fuel, each car can be tuned to perfection. Once installed and tuned the PowerMod simply works, even if Mazda re-flashes your factory ECU during servicing. Smooth idle, controlled power delivery, safe and reliable drive-ability, that's what you get with the DNA Motorsport ProCharger system.

The kit is designed for 8psi , and is capable of making 60% more power. High performance without losing any of the drive-ability, throttle response or the reliability you would expect from your daily driven RX-8. That is the guarantee of the DNA Motorsport ProCharger systems.

New ProCharger D-1SC

  • ProCharger D-1SC
  • All necessary brackets and bolts
  • All necessary hoses and pipes
  • 6psi pulley
  • 6-rib belt
  • DNA Motorsport intercooler system
  • Injector upgrade
  • PowerMod Engine Management System
  • Detailed installation instructions
  • 12 months warranty
  • Price for Australian Customers (Aus $): $11999 inc GST
  • Customers from other countries please contact us for your pricing


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