Click on the link below for instructions on how to use REW to take measurements

Instructions below are for TMREQ specific steps after taking acoustic measurements.


(Click on the photos for a larger image)


1. REW screen view after taking a measurement. Note that 1/6 smoothing has been applied (by pressing Control+Shift+6 on keyboard)


2. Goto REW 'Preferences' (icon top right of screen)and under 'Comms' select the correct COM port where you plugged in the Tag McLaren programming cable. If you don't have a cable skip this step as you will need to enter the settings directly to your processor manually.


3. Click on 'EQ' button on the top right to see the screen below:


4. Perform steps 1 to 8:

  1. Select TMREQ as your equaliser
  2. Set speaker type to Full Range or Subwoofer according to your speaker
  3. Click on 'Set Target Level' to allow REW to automatically set the target EQ level
  4. Set Lower frequency
  5. Set Upper frequency
  6. Click on 'Match Response to Target' to get REW to calculate the required filters
  7. Click on 'EQ Filters' to see what REW calculated.
  8. If you have the Tag McLaren programming cable you can upload EQ filters to the process by clicking 'Send Filter Settings to Equaliser'. A pop-up screen will ask you which speaker you want to send the EQ filters to.


5. If you don't have the programming cable then goto TMREQ section for the appropriate speaker (in this case the LEFT speaker) to enter EQ values manually.